Candy Inspired Bat Mitzvah at The John Marshall Ballrooms

May 20, 2023

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When you were a kid what did you dream of?  Our Bat Mitzvah dreamed of a world full of candy, with gourmet sweets, and pink and blue clouds. Creating this candy-inspired Bat Mitzvah was such a fun time. There were so many details that brought this event together.  The decor was interactive, and a huge hit with all the guests.

The Bat Mitzvah Venue: John Marshall Ballrooms

The John Marshall Ballrooms, formally known as The Hotel John Marshall in Richmond, Virginia, started as one of the most prominent hotels in Virginia. The Hotel was restored to its 1920s grandeur and turned into an event venue, The John Marshall Ballrooms. The venue has two ballrooms, The Marshall Ballroom and The Virginia Ballroom, both having their unique looks.  There is also the option to rent out the main lobby space for cocktail hour.


The Reception

Sadie’s Bat Mitzvah was our first event that needed to postpone during 2020 due to covid. Through several reschedules, and two years of a pandemic,  we were finally able to celebrate her. We shifted the design from an event that was appropriate for a 13-year-old to one that was equally as cool for a 15-yr-old. 

For the reception, we had cabanas built to fill the room. Each cabana had a lounge set for the teens to hang out in. In one of the cabanas, we had a glam station where a professional makeup artist applied festival style glitter, face gems, and hair tinsel, to the girls, guys, and the adults. The ballroom had pink and blue uplighting, two of her favorite colors, provided by Lighting Professors.  There was also a ‘rock candy’ light display projected onto the ceiling of the ballroom. The centerpieces were custom-made using disco balls on tall towers. We had a large dessert table made that spelled out Sadie’s name. The MC and DJ played more teen-appropriate music and games, and the dance floor was packed.  


The Desserts & Candy

The dessert station had signage reading  “So Sweet.” The dessert table was filled with multiple kinds of desserts and even more types of candy, from Sweet Fix. We also had a “Sadie’s Cotton Candytini” at the mocktail bar. To further the entertainment element, and guest experience, we had a live cotton candy station by Sugar Soiree. When it was time to pass out the cotton candy, we had “twirl girls’ put on tutus and pass out the cotton candy to the guests.  


Sadie is the younger sister of the first Bat Mitzvah we ever did. Her sister’s party was a Glow Theme at The Hippodrome, in Richmond, Virginia.  To have legacy clients, those who we do their social parties for, their weddings, their corporate events, it’s just such an honor. 


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