Bat Mitzvah: Glow Theme at The Hippodrome Richmond Virginia

April 29, 2018

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When a son (Bar) or a daughter (Bat) reach a certain age in the Jewish community they are considered a bar or bat mitzvah.  This signifies them becoming a contributing member of the Jewish community.  They are now expected to uphold certain responsibilities and remain in good moral standing. 

When this huge milestone is met there is usually a synagogue ceremony welcoming the bar/bat mitzvah to the world of Jewish adulthood, and initiating them in the opportunities and responsibilities that come along with this new status.  After all of the formalities are done, it’s time to celebrate.  This is where I come in. It has become the norm in many communities to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah on the same scale as a wedding. 

With a celebration of this magnitude it’s so important to hire professionals who know what they are doing.  We are catering to two audiences.  Our first audience will be the adults.  The family members that are here to celebrate, the work colleagues, and the parents of some of the kids who are attending. They would like to catch up with friends and family they haven’t seen in a while, they appreciate good food and drink, and some of the older guests will need adequate seating away from the high energy party. 

Our second audience is going to be the tweens and siblings. This can be a very uncomfortable age for kids.  They are heavily influenced by their peers, pop culture, social media, etc.  We have to be very in-tune with what is “cool” and acceptable within their social group. They are also just starting to socialize with the opposite gender.  This can lead to a very awkward dance party if you don’t have a professional DJ, MC, and dancers.  The entertainment team needs to have experience with bar and bat mitzvahs.  There is a certain culture to this event, and it leans very heavily on the entertainment. 

For this event Mollye, our bat mitzvah, wanted to create a “Mollyewood” atmosphere.  She wanted the party to glow, have a nod to Hollywood, and use her favorite colors. Her parents wanted to keep the event elevated and modern.  This of course was right up my alley.  Keeping in mind our two audiences, and the importance of the “cool factor,” we designed a really fun space for Mollye, her friends, and family to celebrate. 

Electric Events is an entertainment company out of the DC area.  They not only provide entertainment but also have an extensive collection of lounge furniture and decor.  We worked together with them and designed a VIP lounge, brought in LED hightops, custom pillows, and a custom step and repeat to bring in those VIP Hollyewood/Glow elements. Of course, everything was social media and selfie ready. 

This was such a fun party.  Mollye’s mom was very involved in the process and was such a riot.  I really enjoyed working with them.  The purple monster was a total surprise to Mollye.  As a child she had an imaginary friend named Goggles.  He was a purple monster.  Mollye’s mom contacted her cousin who is a professional dancer, and she made this hilarious costume.  Mollye loves Taylor Swift, so of course the “Goggles Dance Party” was to the T-Swift song Shake It Off.  It was a total hit and the kids loved it.


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This event would not have been such a success without the contributions and professionalism of our amazing vendor team.

Photo: Karen Gage Photography

Entertainment and Lounge Furniture: Electric Events DC

Lighting: Lighting Professors

Linens: Classic Party Rentals

Hair and Make up: Transformation Artistry

Venue: The Hippodrome 


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