The Best Steamers for Weddings found on Amazon

April 28, 2023

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The Best Steamers for Weddings found on Amazon

Choosing a steamer is a daunting task.  Especially when you are looking for a steamer that can stand up to the heavy lifting of preparing for a wedding day. From gowns, tuxedos, signage, and linens, the amount of items you will need to steam in preparation for your wedding is insurmountable. 

You need steamers that are efficient, strong enough to withstand the layers and layers of heavy materials, and is delicate enough to not ruin your wedding day attire, signage, or the linens you rented in. 

As a professional wedding planner, we have been through some steamers.  We use these steamers on each of our events and in our daily lives.


Here are a few of our favorite steamers that can be found on amazon.  


The J- 4000 Jiffy Garmet Steamer

Best Steamers found on Amazon

Best For Heavy Lifting (linens, fabric signage, formal wear, wedding gown, lots of items to steam)

J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head, 120 Volt


Nori Press Compact Iron and Steamer 

Best for creases, and quick touch ups (shirts, tuxedos, dresses, etc.) Works well on delicate materials.

Nori Press, Compact Iron & Steamer


ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer 

Best for Travel:

ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer with Converter Kit

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