Seven Things to Consider Before You Propose

November 20, 2021

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The Date Matters: Weddings take about 12-18 months to plan.  If your soon to be fiancé has been dreaming of a spring wedding, time your proposal accordingly.  Also, take into consideration other important dates. Decide if you want to “share” your special day with a holiday or birthday.

Find out if there is a Family Heirloom:

This may mean you need to talk to the family.  There may be a ring that has been promised, a stone that can be reset, or a unique tradition that you may not know about. 

Figure out their style:

Does your person prefer a more jeans and t-shirt approach to fashion, or are they always on the bleeding edge with the newest trend?  Do they work with their hands where a large stone might get in the way?  Would they be unhappy with a smaller stone and not want to show it off to the world?  Check out their Pinterest boards, ask their friends, and go look at some rings together.  You can always upgrade, or change the ring out later, but there is sentimental value of keeping the ring you were proposed to with.  

Find out the ring size:

Once you have picked out the perfect ring, planned the perfect proposal, and gotten the perfect answer, there is nothing left to do then to tell the world.  Make sure that the ring is the right size so they can wear it once they say “yes”.  You can always get sizing bands or the ring sized up or down after you propose, but try to get it close so they don’t have to wait to wear it. 

Plan the Proposal:

This is huge.  With social media, everything is public.  There are high expectations being put on proposals. Hire a wedding planner or stylist to help you.  They will help you plan everything down to the last detail, set everything up for you, and make sure it all runs smoothly.  You won’t have to sneak out on your lunch break, take calls in the car, or spend time researching the perfect vendors. You won’t have to rely on your friends and family and it will be a surprise.  Remember, you can upgrade and ring, but you can’t upgrade a story. 

Hire a Photographer: You want to document your perfectly executed proposal, the genuine look of surprise on their face when you drop to one knee, and the sweet and excited moments that happen after they say “Yes”.

Get Down On One Knee:  It may be a traditional but it is still so romantic.

Bonus Tips: Pop the question earlier in the evening. You won’t be nervous all night, and your fiancé will have an entire night of showing off the engagement ring. Don’t post to social media right away. Spend this special time together without the interruptions of all of your well-intentioned friends and family.

I have been planning weddings for some time now.  I have heard A BUNCH of proposal stories.  Some have been amazing, and so sweet.  Others could have used some guidance and a better plan of execution. This is the beginning of your lives together. This is the first step towards your future as a married couple. It is so important that you have a proposal you can be proud of, and they have a story to tell. 

These pro-tips were featured on Southern Bride.  Click here to check it out. 

If you are interested in learning more about Swoon Soirees approach to proposals send us a message. We would love to hear your story and help plan your perfect proposal. 


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