The Best Ring Boxes for a Wedding Proposal

November 19, 2021

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This is one of the most common concerns I get as a marriage proposal planner.  Where do I put the ring?  The average ring box is two inches thick.  When you are wearing nice clothes, and trying to keep the proposal a surprise, this is tough to conceal. The option most people go with is to just ditch the box and hope they don’t lose the ring before they get a chance to pop the question.  As if you aren’t nervous enough, now you have to worry about losing the ring you just purchased!  I did a little digging, thinking for sure that someone has come up with a better solution.  Guess what? There are smart people out there who understand your struggle.

Here are the best rings boxes for your proposal:


I’m sure if you have ever spent two seconds in pinterest or instagram you have come across the MRS BOX.  This is a small velvet ring box that comes in an array of candy colored styles.  You can opt to have the box monogramed or leave it as is.  This is a favorite among photographers because it takes such pretty pictures when doing the ring styling.  It is also a status quo for the brides to have your own MRS Box. It is not the sleekest option, but it is the prettiest.  Even if you don’t use this for your actual proposal, it’s a good idea to get one for your wedding day photos. 



The Styling Reserve

This company has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.  They finishing details, craftsmanship, and styling is very sophisticated, classic, and timeliness. These ring boxes are also a great idea to have on your wedding day, and ready for your photographer to style.   Some of these boxes also double as display pieces for cuff links, earrings, and other jewelry or heirlooms. 

The Ring Stash

If you are looking for a more concealed option, or you are traveling and need something to keep the ring safe, check out the Ring Stash.  This ring box is sleek, it rotates the ring (hello fancy), it is made out of durable leather, and it has a magnetic closure to keep it secure.  This will fit nicely in a suit pocket or small bag.  No one will ever be the wiser.  Your ring will be secure and you will have one less thing to worry about. This is a perfect option for destination proposals.




Parkers Square

This is the slimmest ring box on the market. This is also the ring box that has paid the closest attention to the presentation of a diamond.  Diamonds shine the most when there is movement and light catching every sparkle.  They also look the best against a shade of blue.  Parkers Square ring boxes are lined in blue velvet, when the box is opened the ring moves up to the presentation position, and some of their boxes have a light.  I am probably most excited about the LED light on this little ring box.  What a better way to showcase your diamond than with a light shining right on it? There is also a little frame on the inside where you can add a photo or even have the words “Will you Marry Me.”



If you are thinking about proposing, or are already engaged and looking for a wedding planner let me know.  Styling proposals, and of course weddings,  is what we do.  


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