Things to Consider When Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

November 18, 2021

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I have been planning weddings for some time now.  I have heard A BUNCH of proposal stories.  Some have been amazing, and so sweet.  Others could have used some guidance and a better plan of execution. This is the beginning of your lives together.  This is the first step of your future as a married couple. It is so important that you have a proposal you can be proud of, and they have a story to tell.

I know this can be daunting. Especially, if you are working full time and live together.  How are you ever going to make this moment special and keep it a surprise?  You will need to hire a planner. Take pride in your proposal, and make it memorable.  Leave the planning to the pros and enjoy the experience.

Did you know that 80% of of those who have been proposed to said they were disappointed in the proposal due to a lack of thoughtfulness.   True Story.

Here are some tips to make sure you aren’t going to be one of those statistics:

1. Plan Ahead: Weddings take about 12-18 months to plan.  If your soon to be fiancé has been dreaming of a spring wedding, time your proposal accordingly. In the current wedding market, venues are booking 1-3 years ahead of schedule. 

2.  Choose Your Day Wisely: Decide if you want to “share” your special day with a holiday or birthday.

3.  Purchase The Perfect Ring:  Make sure the style is one that they will love, and that you purchased the ring from a reputable jeweler.

4.  Don’t Ask Empty Handed: It can take a few weeks to get the ring in once you have ordered it.  Talk to your jeweler early on about turn time.

5.  Practice Makes Perfect: Practice what you are going to say, and make sure it ends with “Will You Marry Me”

6.  Get Down On One Knee:  It may be a little traditional but it is still so romantic

7.  Hire a Planner to Stage Your Proposal:  The planner has connections with vendors, knows the best locations, and can keep it a surprise. Your proposal will be executed flawlessly and you will get to enjoy the moment. If there are errands to run, and thing to pick up, you won’t have to sneak out to get it done.

8.  Make it Personal: This is the beginning of your lives together. Take some time to make sure all of the details are covered.

9.  Hire a Great Photographer.  You have found the perfect partner, chosen the perfect ring, and planned the perfect proposal. Have it photographed so you can reminisce for years to come.

10. Dress Up: Put a little extra effort into your appearance.  You are asking a very important question, rise up to the occasion.

As always consultations are free. You can contact us here.


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