A Nautical Glamping Bat Mitzvah at Hermitage Country Club Richmond Virginia

August 20, 2019

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There was no bug spray or sunscreen needed at this adorable Nautical Glamping Bat Mitzvah at The Hermitage Country Club in Richmond Virginia.

Once the Bat MItzvah ceremony was over all of the ‘campers’ boarded a shuttle and headed out to Hermitage Country Club.  When they were on board the shuttle they were handed a paper bag full of trail mix to enjoy on the way over.

Upon arrival at the venue, they raced up the sidewalk to be greeted with a large “Camp Ally” sign, a mailbox to put cute notes in, and a table for the gifts.  At this point, the adults made their way back to cocktail hour for some “Docktails” and appetizers.  The cocktail tables were draped in fuchsia linens and tied with a sailor’s knot.  It was very cute.  On each cocktail table, there were wooden games.  We had tic-tac-toe, checkers, and peg games.

While the guests were enjoying cocktail hour the kids were either in the ballroom playing games and dancing with the DJ or they were at “the lake.”  The client had made a paper lake and we put Adirondack chairs, a bench, and rock shaped pillows around.  There was a tree stump as a table and a tackle box.  Inside of the tackle box were gummy worms for fishing.  This was a huge hit and the kids loved hanging out in this unique lounge. 

In the ballroom, the ceiling over the dance floor was draped with a colored bunting that really added a camp feeling.  Each adult table had one of three centerpieces.  There was a sailboat vignette, a log cabin that lit up, and a driftwood vignette. The kid’s tables were decorated with a fishnet runner, LED pillars, and wheatgrass with marshmallows.  The kids loved sitting down and grabbing a marshmallow before dinner.

Each guest was given a mini flashlight.  The adult’s flashlights actually doubled as their escort cards.  They were labeled ‘Cabin Assignments” which they picked up during cocktail hour. When Ally entered the room for her big introduction each guest shined their flashlights on her.  It was a big hit.

The evening continued with food, dancing, games, and a photobooth.  Each guest old and young had a great time.

As the party was wrapping up we opened up the “Camp Candy Store.”  Each kid was able to pick out one oversized box of candy.  It was manned by our event team who were wearing Camp Counselor Shirts. There were also S’More favors for both the kids and adults.  I heard from several of their guests that everyone had such a great time and it all looked great!

We really love putting together Bat Mitzvah celebrations as they are each so different.  We really have to tap into our pre-teen creative minds and deliver something special.  

As with all of our events, this would not have been possible without our creative team of vendors:

Planner: Lisa of Swoon Soiree

DJ: Unique Dreams Entertainment

Florist: David Pippen 

Rentals: Paisley and Jade 

Bunting: Sweet Pear Paper

Linens: Party Perfect. 

Signage: Crafts and Designs by JK

Photobooth: Oh Snap RVA

Venue: Hermitage Country Club 

Lighting: Lighting Professors

Marshmallows: CandyValley Cake Company

Photography: Karen Gage Photography


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