Our Process:

Even the best plan is only as good as it is executed. While each of our clients has a Lead Planner overseeing the details of their event, our entire team is engaged throughout the planning process. You can rest assured knowing that you have a capable support system working behind the scenes on your event.

Our Philosophy:

  • That you can make no assumptions about what an event should and shouldn’t be.  We rely on our training, experience, and intuition to produce intentional events. 
  • Every choice is about the experience – unexpected details, the service, the flow, the entertainment, the lighting; every detail large and small matter.
  • That love is a human experience. We celebrate the modern union. We do not discriminate against any couples based on looks, age, gender, religion, race, or sexual orientation. 


Owner and lead designer/planner of Swoon Soiree A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Lauren began her career in the marketing and advertising industry. Shortly after graduation she moved to Dallas, Texas, and was a media buyer for a boutique advertising agency. After several years of account management, high-level media spend, and tough negotiations, Lauren left the agency to follow her passion for design, details, and planning.

Lauren enrolled in the AACWP (American Association of Wedding Planners) planning course and received her event planning certification. Upon completion of the AACWP course, Lauren spent the next couple of years working in the Dallas wedding market as a freelance wedding planner. After planning events in the DFW, Lauren and her husband Nathan thought it was best to move the family back to the east coast. Once back in Virginia, Swoon Soiree was up and running, servicing Richmond, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Lauren is also passport ready, and an is experienced in international travel. 

Lauren is not only a logistics specialist and creative director, but also a matchmaker. She has a talent for understanding her client’s wants and needs and planning/designing an event that they are proud to host. Her skill for matching clients, vendors, and styles results in a unique and flawlessly executed event every single time. Favorite Business Quote: Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” – Pablo Picasso To see a more personal side to Lauren check it out here.

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