My Favorite Wedding Trends for 2017

January 10, 2017

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Weddings are tough, and it’s hard to not get mixed up in what is popular and trendy. This is the first social event you are hosting as a couple and it should be something that feels like you.  You don’t want to attend several weddings in the same year and realize that all of your friend’s weddings look alike.  Trends should be used as a starting point and an idea generator, they shouldn’t define your wedding.  Of course being as we are very smart, aware, and forward thinking, here are the 2017 trends that I am most excited for.

Color:  I LOVE color. I feel like it can create such a great atmosphere. The more vibrant and unexpected the better. Bold color palettes allow you to design using unique floral varieties, linens, and design aspects. Using your favorite colors in your wedding will ensure that you won’t see your wedding four times before it’s your turn.

Colorful wedding bouquet and hair pieceNeutrals:  Ok so I know I just said how much I love color.  Stay with me.  Neutrals can lead to such a classic, elegant, style.  When I do neutrals there is a certain level of class, luxury, and glamour.  With all of the luxe elements, color would be too much.

Neutrals wedding with greenery

Swoon-worthy blooms: Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and other “soft-petal” blooms are the top-requested flowers.  They are soft, romantic, and pretty.  They have always been a wedding classic and I don’t see them going anywhere.  What is new to the scene are over the top floral installations.  Flower walls, hanging arrangements, live trees brought in, the opportunities are endless.  This type of floral arrangement takes a certain level of technical skill and more often than not a team of people to help with the installation.  If you have your heart set on a masterpiece, make sure your florist and your budget are ready.


Mini Events:  This might be one of my favorite aspects of creating experiences for my couples and their guests.  Most people have been to several weddings in their lifetime. They all have the same structure. They all have the same sequence.  When you add in some additional entertainment your event is instantly more interesting.  Some ways to engage your guests would be a tasting station, entertainers, dancers, live painting, tours, etc.

wedding entertainers

Candid Photos: Couples are requesting a more photojournalist style over the posed shots.  They want to capture the emotions and the feelings of the day.  Nothing is filtered.

candid wedding photo

Silent Discos: Can someone do this already?  Please.  These are hilarious.  They also will keep the party going, without having to host an after party at a second location.  Most venues will give you a cut off time due to noise ordinances in their city.  They don’t want your band or DJ disturbing the peace as they will incur fines.  The alternative is a Silent Disco.  If you are unfamiliar with this concept, your guests will listen to music that is broadcasted via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphones.  They will continue to dance the night away in a silent oblivion.

Silent Disco Wedding

Sustainability, Repurposing, and Donations:  Weddings are expensive.  There is no way around that.  Most of the time you are purchasing items that you will never use again.  There is an over abundance of food, florals, decor, etc.   Most of the time whatever is not used at the event is simply thrown away.  There are several companies that are working towards reducing the waste of weddings.  There are companies that will come to your venue at the end of the night and pick up the florals and deliver them to nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  There are caterers that will send home the left overs with their staff.  Most caterers can’t donate to the homeless due to health laws.  There are several organizations that will take formal wear and bridal gowns for those less fortunate.  There are also designers and planners that will take some of the personal items off your hands.  They will allow future brides to use them at a reduced cost, or even for free.  Ask your vendors if any of them pay it forward.  It’s definitely something to work towards.


wedding flower donation

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