Venue Tour: Quirk Hotel

June 28, 2016

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This hotel is super fun.  I mean seriously who doesn’t love an art focused, pink hotel, that was built in a converted luxury department store?  There are several fun art pieces on each floor, the rooms are modern, and the beds are made from refurbished wood.  Quirk even has it’s own custom blend coffee, you have to go check it out, it’s pretty good.  If you are interested in some art or some unique pieces to purchase the gallery is a great place to start.  Each item that is sold in the shop is hand selected by the Ukrops themselves.

When you walk into the lobby you are greeted by a large reception desk.  Directly behind the desk is the signature restaurant Maple and Pine.  The restaurants serpentine lounge furniture and their vintage yet still modern decor makes this a place to check out.  I do have to say that their drinks are much better than their food, and their service is still catching up to it’s popularity. However, I do think that with time they will work out their kinks and it will a good experience all around.  This is a great place for meetings or hanging out with a group of friends after work or on the weekend.

Recently Quirk opened up their rooftop bar.  With views of downtown and a two level social area the rooftop is quickly becoming Richmond’s new hot spot.  I was able to check it out before it opened and it is definitely a great space.  The hotel also has a mezzanine level inside that overlooks the restaurant.  This area is mostly used for rehearsal dinners, bridal or baby showers, bachelorette parties, and smaller social events.  Down on the main level in front of the gallery is the courtyard.  This area has been used for wedding ceremonies, dancing, small reception, and photos.  There is a meeting room down below that can be used for a multitude of events, however most choose the atmosphere of the hotel and outdoor spaces.

There are a few things to consider if you are thinking of hosting your wedding here. This space is best suited for a smaller more intimate affair.  The rooftop, courtyard, and a small area in front of the gallery is available for your event.  The hotel is always open.  You will have people who are coming in for cocktails, dinner, and those staying at the hotel.  To get to the roof you need to take the elevator.  You should budget enough time to get all of your guests, your vendors, and the bridal party up the elevator if you are having a rooftop ceremony or cocktail hour. It will take a few trips which will eat into your timeline if you aren’t careful.  If you can work around the logistics of the hotel then you can have a really great time here.

I took some photos while I did my tour, but if you would like to see what a real wedding done by a professional photographer looks like check out Alex Tenser with ACT Photography here.




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