Real Wedding: Groom and Groom at Havana 59 Richmond Virginia

June 21, 2016

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There is something so special about smaller affairs.  The guests that are invited are carefully hand selected.  They are the ones that mean the most to the couple.  On the same token they are the ones that really want to be there.  Most of them have known the couple for years and have archives of great stories they tell after a few drinks.  They may live out of state but travel for a great reunion with old friends. It’s a night of laughs and memories.  It’s where old friends meet the new friends and they all leave with promises of keeping in touch.

This was how Joshua and Shawn’s wedding was.  It was a night full of great speeches, great friends, and a whole lot of love.  I met Josh a few months back at the hair salon.  He cuts my son and husbands hair and we got to talking.  He mentioned he was planning a wedding and was so overwhelmed by all of the things that they had to get done.  One thing led to another and I was hired as their planner.  Joshua and Shawn opted to have a private ceremony followed by portraits to document their day.  They then held a reception for their closest friends and family at Havana 59 in downtown Richmond.  Afton Tyree Photography photographed the grooms both for their portraits and the reception.

Joshua and Shawn are both very laid back private people.  When Josh was describing his style and how they wanted the event to go he just threw up his hands and said “ I don’t know, we are just two dudes.”  I almost died.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I will say though that these “two dudes” did pull off a very personalized and styled event.  They hand cut and stained the wood boards,  painstakingly selected each individual piece of vintage milk glass, and hand chose the succulents that had just the perfect shades of green.  This combined with their custom rose gold wedding bands is enough to make you swoon.  You can see more of their handy work in the full gallery here.



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