Asking someone to marry you is such a monumental moment in both of your lives.  It is something that can’t be done over.  Hiring a professional planner to help you come up with the best idea, provide access to the best vendors, and keep it a complete surprise will guarantee that you won’t suffer from a disappointing proposal. The proposal will be exactly how you imagined.  It will be unique, personal, and something that you both can be proud of.

If done right, it is something that your new fiancé will talk to everyone about over and over again.  They will remember the exact way you looked at them, the way everything was set up, and the overwhelming feeling of excitement when you asked “Will You Marry Me?”

As a wedding planner I have heard countless proposal stories.  I have heard some really great proposals, and some that really could have used a little help.  Most of the time the person asking just didn’t know where to start or they didn’t know what was available.  I have put together a few options that will help guide you through the planning of your proposal.  Of course, if there is something you are looking for that isn’t listed please just send me a note.  Everything can be customized and a personalized package can be created.

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We would love to hear from you.  To receive a customized quote please contact us here.

To help ease the stress of wedding planning Swoon Soiree is available for consulting.  Whether you are just starting out and aren’t sure where to begin, would like some guidance on how to set a realistic budget for your vision and market, or if you are unsure of next steps and need someone to help get you back on track.  This time can be spent one on one or we can go meet with a few vendors together.  As always initial consultations are free so don’t hesitate to send an inquiry or call.  This service is only available to couples who do not currently have an event planner, and who have no intention of hiring an event planner. 

Consulting is billed at $150 an hour, or $175 an hour if we are meeting with a vendor.

Please take us with you. Having a destination wedding comes with it’s own unique challenges. There are time zone changes, currency, cultural differences, logistics, the list goes on.  Having your event planner in the same market with you makes the process much smoother.  You can have a design meeting with Swoon Soiree on your lunch break, and know that they will be the ones awake at 3am talking to the venue coordinator at your destination site.  All members of Swoon Soiree are no stranger to travel.  Most of our coordinators have spent much of their time in other parts of the world.  If there is something that we don’t know, we have the resources and the time to figure it out.  Let us spend the time planning, while you spend your time enjoying your engagement.

Destination planning fees are established on a case by case basis.