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As the go-to event planning partner for corporate gatherings in Washington, DC, we specialize in curating impactful and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Coming from the media industry, Swoon Soiree has a crystal clear understanding of how experiences convert to sales, brand awareness, client retention, and corporate culture. 

We will work closely with your organization to produce strategic and creative events that will allow attendees to interact with your brand, building trust, likability, and loyalty. 

The market has changed. It is no longer business as usual. Your customers, your followers, your team. They all need to see you in a new way. With employees often working from home, company culture and employee retention is very much at risk. Social events, corporate retreats, and sales incentive awards and trips, are imperative to cultivating a corporate environment with lower turnover.

There are several reasons a company or organization will host an event. Each event has its own set of event goals, a target audience, and requires a strategy to achieve those goals.

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“Lauren’s attention to detail, coupled with her years of experience makes her one of the best in the industry.”

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