Five Tips for an Unforgettable Party

June 9, 2023

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Five Tips for an Unforgettable Party


Location, Location, Location.

I know that we have all heard this before, but location and the venue, make all the difference.  It sets the tone, the timeline, and the aesthetic for the entire event.  Many public venues only make themselves available during certain hours and days.  This will affect the overall look and feel, if your creative partners can’t start loading in and setting up until later in the day, or they have a short window.

If you are on a private property, you may not be restricted on time, but you may be running the gauntlet of logistics.  Private properties offer the most flexibility and customization, but they are often the most expensive.  You will be bringing in everything you need vs renting a space that is already outfitted.  This should not be a deterrent, as private estate events can be very creative and lend themselves to a beautiful experience for you and your guests.  One that can be passed down through generations if this is a family property you are hosting at. 

Destination weddings and events are some of our favorite. We are able to take guests on a journey, using the local environment, flavors, and cultures to create something that they have not experienced before. For destination events, guests usually arrive and plan on spending a few days in the area.  This is the perfect opportunity to host multiple events and build out experiences for your friends and family.  This most likely involves multiple locations, each with it’s own flair. 


Create a Common Thread.

People need something to help ease them into social situations.  Something to break the ice.  This could be as simple as asking everyone to wear certain colors, or come dressed in a theme. Maybe there is a source of entertainment during cocktail hour.  Musicians, artists, poets, and dancers are all great elements to create a little surprise and delight. 


Have Visually Interesting Food. 

People eat with their eyes.  Be sure that you have a variety of hot and cold, sweet and salty, crunchy and soft, and that the food is colorful.  It should be presented in a new and artistic ways.  You should consider having stationery food options as well as passed canapés.  People don’t want to chase food, especially if they are having a great conversation. Be sure to have more than you think you’ll need and keep it moving. If you are hosting a destination wedding, be sure to include local flavors and ingredients.


Personal Touches.  

Personal Touches make a huge impact. The larger your guest count, the less personal it can feel.  Take the extra measure to make people feel that that are VIPs at an intimate party.  Create private alcoves, so small groups of guests can feel more intimate. When setting the table, ensure that each guests name is on place cards. Host a multi day event so you have time to visit everyone, and have a quick but meaningful conversations. There is nothing worse than going to a special event, never having an opportunity to speak with the host or guest of honor. 

Be Ruthless on The Guest List. 

Ruthless. You are creating an environment for people to celebrate and enjoy. If you have a family member, or a friend, who you know is going to make a scene, not show up right, steal your joy, or otherwise ruin the experience, don’t invite them.  Yes, you may hear about it later. However, you and your guests will get to enjoy your time together without having to worry about anyone causing drama.  

The other side of this is invite people who you think are going to get along. People who are interesting.  Good story tellers, well traveled, cultured, etc. Even if they aren’t in your inner circle, extend them an invitation. You never know what connections could be made. 

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