Wedding Venue Tour- The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design Richmond Va

June 14, 2021

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Architectural Museum Wedding Venue in Richmond Virginia 

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, most often, just The Branch Museum, is located on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue.  The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design is a landmark wedding venue in Richmond, Virginia.  The architecture alone is stunning, but the secluded simplicity of the walled garden is the ideal setting for outdoor events.  The garden space is able to be tented, and is the perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony and or cocktail hour.  If you do plan on playing any amplified music you will need to plan on moving your event inside.  

Inside The Branch Museum you have the Great Hall, the Social Gallery, and the Long Gallery.  The Long Gallery is a beautiful setting for long, estate tables with the plaster ceiling and chandeliers above you. The Great Hall is the perfect space for dancing, toasts, and to display the cake or bar in the gorgeous bay windows overlooking the green gardens.  The Social Gallery is a smaller space, but it still a great option for a micro wedding, a holding room prior to your outdoor ceremony, or is a space that can be used by your vendors for prep and set up. 

The Branch museum offers flexible set up times, kitchen access for catering and can be used for a variety of events. The Branch museum has hosted corporate events, educational seminars, social gatherings, and of course weddings. 

This venue is best suited for small to midsize events.  The space can seat up to 100 guests. I would suggest reducing that number just a bit depending on what you are bringing in.  Do you have a band with a stage, dance floor, bars, etc.? All of that will take up real estate and require a reduction in guest count. 

The Branch museum is one of our favorite wedding venues in Richmond.  There are so many options here to get creative and really deliver a great event. 

Photos:  Nikki Santerre


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