Why You Should Get Married On a Weekday

December 2, 2020

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There is an ‘It Factor”  A ‘je ne sais quoi’:  

Weekday weddings are just very chic.  There is a level of sophistication with weekday weddings. It is a much more intentional event. 

Special Date:

If you have a special date in mind, don’t wait for it to come around on the weekend.  If you want to get married on the anniversary of your first date, a favorite number,  a date associated with a special memory, a date of honor, or an auspicious date. Just go for it.

Better Images:

Your photographer will love the less crowded locations.  While most people will be at work, you will be galavanting around the city taking pictures of all of Washington DC’s monuments and parks, Charlottesville’s beautiful mountains, and Richmond, Virginia’s urban river. 

Get the A list Vendors and Venue: 

Traditionally weddings happen on a Saturday.  There are only a few Saturdays out of the year, depending on where you live, that are great for weddings.  Here in Virginia and Washington DC,  our busy wedding seasons are the spring and the fall.  Vendors are usually booked a year or two out for peak dates. If you have always wanted to work with a certain wedding planner, or have a specific photographer, chances are they are booked pretty far out.  If you don’t want to wait to get married, but would still like to work with your first choice vendors, a weekday wedding is a way to go. 


If you decide on a middle of the week wedding date, you won’t have to deal with the scheduling of Friday, or Sunday’s weddings.  Having to wait for the first wedding to break down, before your wedding can be set up, is not only stressful, but it can be expensive.  Compressing delivery windows and setup timelines require more staffing. If there are no weddings before or after yours, you will have more flexibility with vendor load-ins and set up. 

You Have Time To Get Your Affairs in Order:

If you get married during the week, you have an extra few days to decompress and get everything ready before you head out on your honeymoon.  If you need to drop your dog off at the puppy resort,  take your gown to the cleaners, ship off your bouquet to get pressed, finish packing, just take a beat before you head out on the next adventure, you now have time. 


Historically, middle of the week weddings was something only the elitist could do.  They didn’t ‘need’ to work around a work schedule.  It was a sign of doing well.  Midweek weddings all the vogue. 


You can party on a Tuesday.  Who says that you can’t relive your college days and dance the night away on a weeknight?  Just make sure you take off the next day to recover. 

Save Money:

Most wedding venues in Virginia and Washington DC will offer a reduced rate for weekday weddings.  Hotels will have reduced guest room rates.  Your food and beverage minimums may be less, and transportation won’t be as expensive.  


Destination weddings are a bit on a standstill right now due to Covid. However, when they pick back up, having more time between when you arrive and when your wedding will be, is ideal.  You will be better prepared and more relaxed having arrived a few days earlier, having a weekday wedding, and then having the weekend to enjoy with all of your guests that have traveled to spend time with you.  Hotel rates and airfare will also be less for mid-week travel. 

Your First Few Anniversaries Will Be On The Weekend: 

Now, if that isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.  When you get married on a Saturday, your first wedding anniversary is Sunday, and then so on and so forth.  If you get married on a Friday, your first anniversary will be over the weekend!  Get out of town.  Take a nice weekend getaway to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. 

Simplify your Guest List: 

By default, having a weekday wedding will ultimately cut the list.  This is not necessarily bad. Smaller guest lists allow for more creativity and a more elevated guest experience.  If you have a weekday wedding, any of the guests who couldn’t make it can still join you for some of the weekend festivities. 

Shot Gun Wedding: 

If you just got engaged, and you don’t want to wait until the following year to get married, have a weekday wedding. You aren’t getting any younger, and if you had life plans, they shouldn’t be put on hold due to a wedding. 

Celebrate all week:

Trying to cram everything into two days over a weekend can be exhausting.  You are coming off of a workweek, people are traveling into town, and then you are thrown into a wedding weekend.  If you were to have a weekday wedding, you would have more time to enjoy each aspect.  You could host a rehearsal dinner on Wednesday, a Wedding on Thursday, brunch on Friday, and then have the rest of the weekend to celebrate and unwind.  You can then leave relaxed and prepared for your honeymoon. 

If you are having a wedding in Virginia or Washington DC, there are so many weekend activities you can do with your guests.  Many of your guests have traveled to celebrate with you. If they are in town, you should show them a good time. 

Industry friends will be able to attend:

If you are in an industry where you work on the weekends, this is a great way to allow more of your guests to attend. I know earlier I stated this is a great way to cut the guest-list, but if you have friends who work non-traditional hours, this is an amazing option.  Anyone in the service industry, entertainment, performing arts, events, etc. is usually working on the weekends and unable to attend your wedding. 

Normalize enjoying your life.

Don’t be so concerned with ‘taking off work” to get married.  The pandemic has thrown the wedding industry into a whirlwind of postponements, cancellations, and the unknown.  Don’t let the uncontrollable forces ruin your wedding experience. Our reality right now is that weekends are hard to come by.  Venues and vendors are booked with 2020 postponements.  No one is getting any younger. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, and we could all use some celebrations. Whatever date you pick for your wedding day will be special.  Through the course of your marriage, you will have several Saturday anniversaries to celebrate.  Pick a date that is special to you, that your venue is available on, that your best friend can make work with their schedule, and let’s do this. 

Let’s get you married!

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