10 Tips For Wedding Dress Alterations

November 17, 2020

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1. Always assume you need alterations.  Even the most well-fitting gown will look better if it is tailored perfectly to your body. 

2. Alterations can add up quickly.  The average alteration cost is between $100-$1000 depending on what you need to have done. 

3. Get an estimate before you purchase the dress. Ask your dress boutique if they have an in-house seamstress or if they outsource it to a local shop. Either way, they should tell you a general idea of the alteration cost. 

4.  Find a reputable wedding dress alteration shop.  Don’t take your wedding dress to a basic tailor.  You will need to work with someone who knows what alterations can be done with your style of dress and the material it is made out of. 

5. Keep your weight stable. Alterations usually start 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. Once alterations start, try and not gain or lose any weight.

5.  Don’t bring too many people to your alterations appointment.  If you must bring someone try and limit it to 1-2 people. 

6. The entire process usually takes 2-3 appointments.

7. Once you purchase your dress schedule your appointments for alterations.  Alteration appointments fill up quickly. 

8. Wear your undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day.  A change in bra or shapewear can change the fit and hang of the dress. 

9.  Wear your shoes, or at least shoes that are the same height to your alterations appointment. 

10.  If you already know the necklace, or earrings you plan on wearing, bring those as well. The seamstress will be able to adjust the neckline to look best with your jewelry.    




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