Why Discounts Don’t Work In The Wedding Industry.

August 16, 2020

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Value is something that is determined by many things.  Some consumers value the luxury experience.  Some consumers are driven by cost. Wherever your tolerances for either meet, is where your event lives. 

What I offer are a great service and a customized design reflective of you and your desires.  Our prices are competitive for the service and design that we provide.  The vendors we refer are also priced fairly for the service or product that they provide. 

When I grab an item on a major sale, of course, there is a sense of accomplishment and excitement.  I got an item that I wanted, but I didn’t pay full price.  However, typically when things go on sale it is because the season is changing, the store has to much inventory, or it was last season’s model. It’s discounted because it’s not the best that that store or brand is currently offering. That is how discounts work. Discounts are provided when the quality is not the same or the service is pared down.

You Don’t Know What You Need:

When you book a vendor, ideally 12+ months out, you don’t know what you need.  You are focusing on your perceived needs and the cost. It’s a catch 22 in our industry.  The client doesn’t know what they need until they are in it, and many times it’s too late to go back. Getting married is usually a once in a lifetime experience. There is no “I’ll do that better next time.”  This is where you need to trust your vendors when they tell you what you need, and what the rate is.  If a vendor isn’t a great fit, that is fine. There are lots of vendors that have various levels of experience, client service, and taste levels. 

It Can Be Insulting:

As small business owners there are expenses that come each month.  This is our livelihood.  This may be a party for you, but this is how we take care of our families. I doubt that too many people walk into their doctor’s office and try and negotiate deals. There should be a level of respect for your vendor’s professionalism and expertise.  When you are asking for a discount you are questioning their ability to do a job well, and asking them to make less money for the same level of service they are known for.  There are times when a vendor is overpriced. At that point, it is best to consult your planner to make sure that you are correct in your assumptions.  

Vendors Need to Protect Their Reputation:

Vendors cannot pare down their service or process. When they do this they lose quality, your day suffers and even our own reputation is at stake.

We offer intangible service items. Our product is our talent, time, expertise, and a successful, beautiful wedding.  If we reduce our process or time, it greatly affects your wedding day, which of course reflects back on us. Our vendor and venue colleagues expect a certain level of service when working with us and we need to provide it.  When we offer a discount and lower our service levels, no one wins.

I was told Event Planners Got Us Discounts:

I know that many of the popular wedding blogs have mentioned, and even encouraged you to ask your planner to get discounts from your vendors. We strongly discourage this.  When we book vendors, it is because they are the best fit for your style and fall within your budget. I expect them to show up on your wedding day and deliver 110%.  I am not going to ask them to make less money and deliver more. 

If a vendor offers a planning perk, a discount in any way, or any added value, we are grateful and will always pass it on to you. 

So How Does An Event Planner Save Me Money:

The best way for me to save you money is to do my job well.  You will save the most money, and avoid costly mistakes, booking your event planner for full service, and booking early. You will get the most value, booking your planner before any other vendors and even before your venue is secured. We will go over your vision, your budget, and recommend the venue and the vendors that can make that a reality.  Apart from catching your planning mistakes down the road, it is the biggest way I can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I have been doing for years what you are trying to research in a month.

Book your planner early and at the highest service level, you can afford. From there we will work together to book the vendors who are the best fit for both your style and budget. We will find the vendors who deliver the best value for the price. 

Value your Vendors:

Don’t you tend to do more and go the extra mile, for people you like?  The vendors are no different.  Many times they will throw in a little extra at no charge.  They know that this is your wedding day, and how special that is.  Value your vendors and they will value you.  When their work is respected and appreciated they will go the extra mile for you. This is an industry where you will without a doubt get what you pay for. 

The Alternative to Discounts:

Instead of asking for a monetary discount, ask for added value.  Ask the vendor to include something additional, that doesn’t cost anything but will elevate the experience.  We WANT you to have an amazing wedding.  A happy client, with a gorgeous wedding, that is executed flawlessly, benefits everyone. There are lots of tricks that we can do to make your event look more expensive than it is.  There are lots of ways to save money without sacrificing value. You have to be open and honest about your financial comfort zone, and be respectful when we have these conversations with your vendor team.  We are all working towards the same goal. 





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