Wedding Venue: The Perry Belmont House Washington DC

August 31, 2020

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A Beaux – Arts Wedding Venue in Washington DC 

“The Perry Belmont House is possibly the finest, intact example of a Beaux-Arts style mansion in Washington, DC. Beaux-Arts translates as “beautiful art”, a style-prevalent from 1880-1920 – and is generally related to theatrical or monumental design employing classical details and proportions.”

Perry Belmont was a Congressman and Ambassador to Spain, as well as, a leading Washington, DC socialite. This mansion was constructed in the early 1900s and was built with the specific purpose of entertainment and hospitality.  The mansion was used to host parties for DC’s most notable socialites as well as dignitaries from all over the world. The mansion was designed by Eugene Sanson, a famous French architect who was renowned for his use of light, space, and for his beautiful staircases. 

There are several rooms throughout the house that are suitable for many entertaining styles.  This venue is ideal for dinners, social gatherings, fundraisers, and of course weddings. 

Many of the building’s original furnishings are still on display including several Tiffany vases and Louis the 14th and 15th furniture. Those gorgeous gold gilded chandeliers hang throughout the house with hand-carved rock crystal drops – some with amethyst as well.  All the marble in the house was brought from Italy, all of the wood from Germany, and all the metal fixtures from France.

When you enter the building you are immediately greeted with a large circular foyer leading up to a grand double staircase, made from gray veined white marble.  Upon ascending the staircase you are welcomed by the Petite Salon. 

Petite Salon:

The Petite Salon is the perfect location for a micro-wedding, cocktail hour, or a place to style the bar. It is highly decorated in vaulted plaster walls with gold-leaf decorations in musical themes.  The musical themes are a nod to the Belmont era and the previous use of the space.  The gold-gilded Austrian Baroque style Petite Salon has 18ft windows and a magnificent spherical rock crystal chandelier.  The shape of the room mirrors the circular design of the lobby below.  This space can accommodate 65 guests standing, or 45 seated.

State Dining Room:

The State Dining room is off of very impressive concealed Butler’s Pantry and Warming Kitchen.  The ceiling in the dining room was purchased by the Belmonts from the Doges Palace while in Italy.  It has recently been refinished and it is a show stopper.   It will definitely set the tone for the style of dining and those in attendance at your dinner.  This space can be used for a standing reception of 120 guests or a seated dinner for 60.

The Ballroom:

The Ballroom is the largest room in the house.  This space is a bit darker in color, but it is not without natural light.  In the center of the room is a huge circular skylight providing extensive natural light flanked by two immense bronze and crystal chandeliers.  The most unique feature of this venue is the gold-leafed Steinway B Grand piano.  This piano is playable and the venue concierge may even play you a tune.  This room is great for dancing, entertaining, and larger dinners. The Ballroom can accommodate a standing reception for 200 guests or 150 guests seated. 

The Grand Salon:

The Grand Salon may be the most ‘neutral’ of the space, but it does not lack in elegance and beauty.  The grand salon is the major drawing room on the second floor, used to entertain guests before and after dinner. The walls are painted muted shades of beige, highlighted with pale moss and adorned with gold-leaf and gold damask upholstered panels.  On the walls are oil paintings of exotic botanical scenes with birds.  This is the perfect inspiration for a gorgeous design plan.  This space is another great location for a micro wedding, cocktail hour, lounge, or a seated dinner.  The Grand Salon can accommodate a standing reception for 110 guests or 80 guests seated. 

This is a site of elegance, gracious and grand hospitality, perfect for hosting events for distinguished diplomats, world-renowned guests, and romance.

The Perry Belmont House is perfect for hosting lavishly with style and grace. There are eleven fireplaces, most with hand-carved marble mantles.  The exterior is reminiscent of 15th and 16th-century French chateau architecture. The house’s most prominent feature is the grand upper floor, with a copper-trimmed slate roof, accented with stone urns and finials.  There is a balcony overlooking the street below which would be a great location for portraits. The history, architecture, and priceless décor of this venue are unparalleled.

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These photos were taken by David Abel Photography


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