Bat Mitzvah: Broadway Theme at The Hippodrome Richmond Virginia

February 8, 2019

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We found ourselves back at The Hippodrome with another fun filled Bat Mitzvah. This family really wanted to focus on their love of Broadway and their New York City roots.  Hannah has been going to broadway shows since she was just a little girl, and it was something that they really cherished as a family.

There were a few special requests made by the family and we were happy to help them execute it.  During adult cocktail hour the kids were seated on The Hippodrome stage with their own Tony Award table decor and buffet.  I have found this timing works really well for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  After an afternoon of ceremony these kids are hungry.  While the adults are enjoying some adult time with a cocktail, we are feeding the kids. Having them eat during cocktail hour keeps them happy, but it also lessens the load on the catering staff. 

When it was time for the adults to come down for their plated meal, we cued up the magician.  Chris Michael is a comedy magician and he came ready to entertain. The adults had asked that there not be loud music or dancing during the adult dinner.  Having a magician entertain the kids was a great way to allow the adults to enjoy their meals and continue their conversations.  The kids had so much fun with Chris and they enjoyed all of his jokes and tricks. 

The family opted to design their own decor.  They used a local florist, fairy lights, and an etsy designer to create their broadway inspired centerpieces.  Each table was marked with a broadway show as the table number.  It was a cute way to let guests know which table they were seated at. The escort cards were broadway tickets.

This event happened around the holidays. The family utilized some of the holiday decor that was already at the venue, and did a candle lighting of the Menorah as it was the eight day of Hanukkah.  The grandparents spoke and said a prayer.  It was a great time to remanence on the holiday season, the reason for the celebrations, and family. 

As always, I would love to chat.

Photo: Karen Gage Photography

Entertainment Electric Events DC

Venue: The Hippodrome 

Magician:  Chris Michael Magic


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