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August 1, 2017

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The Valentine is a historical museum in the heart of downtown Richmond. It acts as a vault and a source of interpretation for Richmond’s rich history. The museum is broken out into several permanent exhibits that cover different topics, such as Richmond’s history, culture and government.  In addition to the several permanent exhibits there are several others that will rotate through.  

The Valentine also hosts weddings.  The John Wickham House and the picturesque garden provides a nice setting for an urban wedding.  Some couples will choose to have their ceremony in the gardens, head to the Gray Family Terrace for cocktails, and then come back to the gardens for dinner.  The areas can be lit, tented, or left as is.  In the event of bad weather, or if you prefer a more climate controlled environment, you have access to the reception room inside.  If you would like to schedule a tour through the John Wickham House, that is also an option. Guests will appreciate the additional experience. 

The venue does not require that you book any specific time slots.  You are allowed a bank of hours and you can set your start and end time as needed.  This is a huge benefit if you are working around the schedule of a church. 

In addition to the event spaces your rental includes parking, tables, chairs, staff, rehearsal, and a free membership to the Valentine for the couple.

Bands and DJs are welcome as there are no sound restrictions being that they are in the city and there are no residences.

The capacity in the garden is 150 for a roving event with some seating and
75 for a seated/served function. In the indoor Reception Room, the capacity
is 150 for a stand-up reception and 75 for a seated event. They can seat 150 people for a ceremony in the garden.

You can learn more about the venue here. 

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