Why You Should Say “Yes” to an Engagement Session

April 5, 2017

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There are so many reasons why you should get your engagement photos taken.  I know that it may be an added expense, or you may not have the time, but it’s definitely worth it. For most couples from the time they get engaged to when they get to the altar, it just flies by. 

You will be thrown into the trenches of wedding planning and before you know it, you are no longer engaged, you are now married. I encourage you to take a few hours and really document your engagement.  It’s a season in your life and it should be celebrated. 

If you are more of a logical thinker, here are some more reasons:

You get professional photos of you and your fiancé doing something fun, that reflects you as a couple.

Your formal wedding photos, and the photos of your actual wedding day, will be much different. This is the opportunity to get creative, have fun, and really show your personality. 

You can use these photos at your wedding.  Several couples will use their engagement photos for their save the dates.  They may have them made into an album for their guest book, or a have a few photos placed around for their guests to enjoy during cocktail hour and reception. 

You get to practice. This might be one of the main reasons to have an engagement session. Posing, holding a kiss, and being conscious of where your hands are is not natural.  It feels awkward and that will show up in photos.  Use your engagement photos as a trial run for the big day.  

You and your photographer will get to know each other better.  Your photographer will learn your best angles, what poses will look best, and will be ready to go on your wedding day.  You two will not be as nervous getting your pictures taken, you will be more relaxed having gone through this already.

They are fun.  It’s always fun getting dressed up and spending time with your person. You should at least get some great photos while you are doing it. 


Photographer: http://kcassidyphotography.com

If you need some ideas, styling tips, or a wedding planner please reach out.  I would love to chat. 


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