Venue Tour: Dover Hall Estate

October 4, 2016

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“I want a ballroom where I can entertain 300 of my closest friends” joked Dennis Pryor when he met with Architect Mark Spangler. The Pryors wanted a house that they could entertain in.  They requested a two floor library like the one at the Biltmore House in North Carolina.  The gothic architecture was inspired by the University of Richmond.  Both Dennis and his wife Cindy graduated from U of R.  The house has a little bit of a Ralph Lauren feel to it.  I wasn’t sure where this inspiration came from until I read that Cindy was a world champion quarter horse rider.  She is also a board member of the Deep Run Hunt Club right down the road.

There was so much detail and thought put into the building and decorating of this house. It’s definitely done on a maximalist scale. It has bold color, unique textures, luxe materials, and extravagant chandeliers.  There is a medieval feeling wine cellar in the basement which will guarantee that your guests will never be with out a drink. The lawns are manicured and expansive, and there is a pool which would look fantastic lit up for an evening cocktail hour.

Not only is this a unique, classic, yet still bold venue, but it’s super convenient to all of the major cities.  Dover Hall is conveniently located in between Richmond and Charlottesville, and a two hour drive from Washington, DC.  DC Couples, you should really check this place out.  I got married in DC and I remember how tough it was to find a venue that could hold our guest count, and not take us to the poor house.  I was also looking for something different.  This would be that something different. Your guests would love to walk around the estate, drink in hand, and catch up with old friends.

The home can host family or wedding party in one of the 30 rooms.  There are two main rooms, both with amazing closets, and huge soaking tubs in the bathrooms.  There is a great kitchen with all of the modern amenities, and a very large dining room should you decide to cater something in.  How wonderful would it be to say good night to your guests, walk up the winding staircase, and retreat to your honeymoon suite?  Complete with luxurious bedding and large tubs to relax and sip champagne.

You can find out more about Dover Hall and check their pricing and availability here.

If you have anymore Qs on the venue, and would like my opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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