Hey Swoonies!!!  I am so glad we found each other.  I’m Lauren.  I am the owner and lead planner at Swoon Soiree. At Swoon Soiree we believe that every single detail should fit the couple, be original, and be personal. I want your guests to witness something special, something that can’t be recreated. You should love your wedding day, be a guest at your own event, and have moments that will be talked about for years to come.  I would love for your family to be able to enjoy the day and spend time with your guests.  I am an enthusiastic supporter of The Modern Union.  Whatever that means to you.  That may mean you are an LGBT couple. That may mean you have a pop up wedding, or an elopement.  It may mean you arrive on a yacht and sail off into the sunset. Or maybe it means you have a very traditional wedding, or are merging cultures.  I want you and your significant other to be able to take a moment, look around, and say that your wedding day was everything you had hoped for and more.

I’m a VCU graduate, wife, boy mom, and chaser of unicorns. My favorite color is pink, I love to travel, and I am obsessed with shoes.  I have a genuine interest in all things wedding related, and I love a challenge.

Before I was an event planner I was buying and selling media.  As much as I loved the media industry, it was missing something for me.  I did some soul searching and realized that it wasn’t colorful enough for me.  I needed something more personal, something more creative, I needed the feels.  I decided to get certified with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and start planning events.  I love weddings because I am able to focus on the uniqueness of each couple and really allow those aspects to shine through the entire event.  I love applying creativity to a variety of tasks, from putting the final touches on the tabletops, to ensuring that everything goes according to plan.  My background in media really built a solid foundation for strategy, style,  and negotiations.  This has helped me deliver the best plan and value for my couples.

Through the years I have worked with several different event planners and several different couples. I have learned that it doesn’t matter your budget, your background, or your style.  This day is about you.  What matters is how you will look back years later and remember your wedding day. It’s about the details, the personal touches, and the emotions.  With that said there is a planner out there for every couple.  I would love to chat, hear about your story, and your plans.  If we are not 100% compatible I will be more than happy to refer you to someone who will be a better fit.  If we are wedding planning flame twins I can assure you that we will have a blast planning your wedding, and that it will be one for the books.

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